Many expats often fail to realise that their life insurance policy can become invalid when they move abroad as you may be breeching the terms and conditions of your coverage.

We advise all of our clients to check with their current life insurance provider before leaving the UK. If their current policy will not cover them, then it is recommended exploring taking out a global policy specifically designed for Expatriates living and working overseas.

With this in mind Expatspensions have teamed up with Global Benefits Europe to provide the “The World’s First Online International Life Insurance Product”. The ‘Life Protector Plan’ can provide you with protection for mortgages, college funds, retirement and estate planning and all with worldwide coverage, offering you cover no matter where your overseas assignments or international travels may take you.

The Products

• Life cover
• Life cover with Personal Accident Rider
• Personal Accident (stand-alone)

The Life Protector Plans offer the following unique features:

• Online, convenient, 24/7 365
• Up to $400,000 with no medical exams required
• Quote in under 1 minute, apply in less than 5 minutes – online
• Extremely competitive rates all based on your unique situation, no hidden loadings!
• Available in GB£, US Dollars or Euros
• Entry age of 18 to 69
• Annual / Semi Annual /Monthly payments
• Complete after sales care available to all policyholders

Request a quote

visit and simply go to our quote page, enter your details as requested and your quote will be generated. This quote will be emailed to you, once you have received it you can review the terms and conditions and details of the cover.

How to apply

Once you have your quote, go to our applications page, enter your quote reference and then complete the questions. Your application will be sent directly to our underwriters. You will receive confirmation of your cover within 7 days, subject to underwriting.

It is very important that on your application form you disclose full details about your medical history, your occupation and any hazardous activities you participate in and any other risk factors.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for subjectivities and exclusions of this plan.

Premium Payments

The Plan allows you to pay premiums annually, semi annually or monthly. Subject to minimum premium per payment of US$100 or the equivalent in GB£ or Euros.

Premiums can be paid by
• Cheque
• Credit card
• Telegraphic Transfer
• Standing Order is available for GB£ payments made from a UK account