It’s almost shocking just how many special benefits, discounts and breaks you can gain access to as a retiree overseas. In countries like Ireland, Brazil or Chile, for example, you’ll get discounts on public transport, utilities, importing your household goods and more.

But some countries stand out for the amount and quality of benefits they offer foreign retirees. Panama tops the category with an organized program of discounts and perks called the pensionado. The program is open to foreigners and there’s no minimum age requirement.

With it you have serious discounts, money off that makes a big difference to your costs. Like 20% off any professional services used in Panama; 50% off for movies, theaters and sporting events; a 30% discount on public transport, 25% off the price of food eaten in a sit down restaurant; 15% off in fast food joints, 15% off in hospitals and private clinics…25% domestic flights on COPA…the list goes on…

Ecuador, too, has excellent benefits, though they’re not in an organized package like the pensionado. You get 50% off public and private transportation within the country (including the Galápagos); 50% off tickets for all cultural and sporting events, including movies; 50% off electric and water bills (below certain usage levels); and free domestic landline phone service (does not include long distance and other services). You’ll also get 50% off international airfares on Taca, Copa, or AeroGal for round-trip flights originating in Ecuador. And when you’re over 65, you pay lower income tax.

And there are other countries with special programs, like Belize, which has the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) program, and then there’s the Malaysia My Second Home program, open to all foreigners wishing to retire to one of Asia’s best-value destinations… Every country on our list has some “retiree benefits” to offer.

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