As many countries gear up their infrastructure to attract tourists from around the world, several benefits occur in parallel that benefit retirements abroad. These benefits help make major tourist destinations ideal locations for overseas living.

These benefits include:

  • Communications: growth in the use of foreign languages by locals to meet the needs of the tourist market. In many major cities around the world today, English is routinely spoken in hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers that cater to tourism.
  • Healthcare: as medical and wellness tourism grows in world importance, anyone who decides to retire abroad is increasingly likely to find first class hospital medical care and quality long term care facilities overseas.
  • Infrastructure: as tourism increases in importance it often results in improved transportation, communications, entertainment, and housing to cater to the needs of tourists from the developed world.

These types of changes begin to transform many “developing” countries into ideal retirement destinations. The changes help provide Americans with the amenities that they are used to – even when they may be thousands of miles from home.

These changes often first begin to develop in the capital cities. The changes then gradually spread to other towns and cities within the country. Although tourism has its share of critics, it is a powerful economic driver that increasingly makes more of the world a potential retirement destination.