Retiring In France

Retiring In France

Accessibility is an important point when thinking of retiring abroad. Being able to easily travel back to the UK to visit relatives or attend to family matters is one of the reasons why France is amongst the most popular destinations for retirees looking to move abroad for their retirement.

With regular services from all main UK ferry ports and airports and low-cost fares retiring to France is no longer the impossible dream. Much improved flight frequencies mean that travelling to France can be quicker, easier and cheaper than reaching many parts of the UK thus facilitating retiring to France.

So what’s French living like? France is renowned for its high quality of life and its relaxed unhurried way of life. For the French life is definitely for living! The huge French countryside will spoil would-be retirees for choice in terms of character – each region is different -, affordable real estate, low cost of living and first class infrastructure and transports.  Getting around in France is on the whole a trouble free affair and a pleasurable experience. Many roads are still empty and of high standard and are free of charge. The comprehensive motorway network which operates on a toll system is excellent and links all the major French cities. If you decide to retire in or near a town the use of a car will not always be required. Whether making a short journey to the local shops, heading for the beach or a theme park, all areas are well serviced by taxis and buses. If you are looking to explore farther afield, reasonably priced car rental is also an option.

Good health care can be a key factor in the decision to retire abroad and France scores very high on the subject. Good health care should not worry anyone thinking of retiring in France. According to the World Health Organization France provides the best overall health care system in the world and many British companies specialize in providing coverage for expatriates. As for your Pension Plan it is highly recommended to research the subject and seek professional advice in the UK as in France.

Where to retire in France is not an easy decision.  A country of rich cultural diversity France has much to offer whether you decide to live in the rustic countryside, prefer the bustling pace of city life or opt to live by the sea. No matter where you choose to live you will be able to take advantage of the wealth of cultural activities that exist in France and which the French themselves well integrate into their own lifestyle.

Transferring your UK pension overseas can often be a good way to save money on currency charges. All pension transfers are regulating by HMRC and to do so you will need to transfer to a QROPS (qualified recognised overseas pension scheme).

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